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  • 04/19/18- Naturopathic Medicine – 3 Surprising Ways It Can Help Boost Your Overall Well-being
    Posted by Amauri Caversan of Dr. Amauri Caversan
    You may have heard about Naturopathy but do not fully understand what this healing practice is all about. Unlike conventional medicine which uses drugs to treat, naturopathy looks at its cause, addresses them, and uses various treatment methods which are natural and non-invasive... More
  • 04/11/18- Main Tips Of STD Prevention
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    Sexual freedom brings not only profits but big responsibility for your and your partners’ health too. And in case of careless attitude to this responsibility, there is a great risk of having sexually transmitted disease (STD)... More
  • 04/11/18- A Root Canal Treatment
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    Root canals are the hollow spaces or chambers in the roots of your teeth. They contain pulpal tissues which consist of blood vessels that nourish the tooth and collect in the pulp chamber... More
  • 04/11/18- Physical Therapy and Healthy Life
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    Our body is the main value that nature gives to us. If we take care of our health and our body, we could live a long and happy life... More
  • 04/11/18- Liquid in the knee
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    Why does the liquid in the knee gather and how can it be treated without medication Modern medicine is dealing with the plenty of cases when the synovial liquid is gathering inside the knee joint. If the symptoms of the disease are ignored and the measures aren’t taken, it can become a reason for the motor dysfunction... More
  • 04/10/18- A&A Coatings - Pharmaceutical & Medical Processing Thermal Spray Coating
    Posted by A&A Coatings of A&A Coatings - Pharmaceutical & Medical Processing Thermal Spray Coating
    At A&A Coatings, we design bio-active or bio-compatible thermal spray coatings that can be applied on medical devices such as prosthetic implants devised for people with injuries or those who are suffering from physical deformities. We count it as one of our key responsibilities to aid pharmaceutical and medical processing industry players with our thermal sprayed technologies... More
  • 04/06/18- Reasons for tooth extraction
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    When people hear about the tooth extraction procedure, they think it's an option for a desperate situation. But it's not really true... More
  • 04/06/18- "My child can't eat his favorite ice cream!"
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    Probably, you felt a sharp piercing toothache at least once in your life. It could happen because of cold cola with ice or hot coffee... More
  • 04/06/18- Which kind of braces you can choose?
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    If you have crooked teeth and/or a misaligned bite, there are a variety of treatments that can help straighten teeth, including braces. There are several different types of dental braces that may be recommended to improve the alignment of teeth including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign... More
  • 04/06/18- What problems with dental implants can appear?
    Posted by Amelia Grant of
    If you have dealt with modern dental clinics, you understand that the possibility of such medicine is almost unlimited. Treatment, correction and even a complete replacement of the tooth or teeth - it's all possible... More


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