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Magnet Therapy

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Magnet therapy is the treatment of certain medical conditions by the use of static magnetic fields.  It is applied to increase the natural healing process, decrease insomnia, and alleviate pain.  Magnets for this type of therapy are made in all forms including blankets, jewelry, belts, insoles, and mattresses.  The magnets may be placed near each other or sometimes the opposite poles are placed in two different places.  In other cases only one pole is used as these magnets are of a greater magnitude.  Magnetic therapy should not be used in people wearing a pacemaker or undergoing an MRI.  

A variety of theories exist to explain the mechanism behind their supposed action.  One theory is that they increase the flow of blood in the body.  Another is that the magnets increase the movement of Qi energy in the body and help to relieve blockages in the energy flow.

Similar to many complementary medicines, magnet therapy is controversial and raises much debate.  Though some studies, such as the Baylor study conducted in 1997, support the effectiveness of magnet therapy; others have shown it to be ineffective, such as a JAMA study conducted in 2000.  Further research is required before clear conclusions can be drawn on the effectiveness of this therapy.

Author: Bronwyn Bacon, ND Candidate '09


EA Collacott, JT Zimmerman, DW White, JP Rindone, "Bipolar Permanent Magnets for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: a Pilot Study," JAMA. 2000 Mar 8;283 (10):1322-5.

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